To celebrate the historical artefacts associated with Glasgow Royal Infirmary, we are planing to create a small museum/event space located at the original medical block entrance on cathedral square. The initial plans for flooring, lighting, heating and decoration  were approved by the health board and work commenced in April 2021. We have a proposed date for completion August 2022. We plan to have a range of permanent and temporary exhibitions that will be accessible to the hospital staff as well as the general public.

Please get in touch with us at  if you have any items of interest that you wood like to donate to us for display in the museum.


Our medical illustration department have recorded the developments in the museum over the last year and this time lapsed video will be posted once the project is complete. 

Graven Images has kindly made a 3D mockup of the museum and you can have a virtual tour by visiting the following hyperlink. 

3D tour of museum