bees have Arrived at Glasgow royal Infirmary

The use of honey for medicinal purposes has been around for over 5000 years with its origins in ancient Greece Rome and Egypt. We celebrate the honey bee in our logo to recognise the importance of this wonderful insect in sustaining life on our planet. With the help and support of the Glasgow and District Beekeeping Association we now have  2 bee hives at Glasgow Royal Infirmary that are  looked after by beekeepers Scott Craig and Mike Duncan  both members of the Glasgow and District Beekeepers Association. 

Mike has brought a couple of flower beds to provide some convenient  pollen source for the bees. The queen has recently been replaced and all is well with many bees buzzing about the entrance to the hive. Scott has delivered his hive last weekend and the bees are settling in nicely to their new environment. 

Mike Duncan – I am member of the Glasgow and District Beekeepers’ Association and have been keeping bees for 4years. My hives are located in the south side of Glasgow, close to Pollok Park. Even in an urban setting there is lots of forage for the bees, from Snowdrops and Crocus in the spring to tree blossom such as Sycamore, Chestnut and Lime, then in the Autumn there is Himalayan balsam, Ivy and Rosebay Willow herb.
My other interests are gardening , I have an allotment in Pollok Park, golfing and cycling. I am pleased to be involved with the Friends of GRI and to be placing a hive in the hospital grounds. Living in the south side, I will be close enough to cycle to the hospital for the weekly hive inspections. So if you see a ‘strange’ cyclist towing a bee hive, be sure to stop me and say hello.

Scott Craig – I’m a retired trapeze artist now studying Biomedical Science and planning to study Medicine afterwards. I manage the bees at the Bardykes Farm Nursery School in Blantyre and I’m also on the committee of the Glasgow and Districts Beekeepers Association. I was a patient at the GRI many years ago as a child so it’s great to be able to give back to such an important place with an incredible history that I may even end up working in one day!



To help our little friends feel at home, we have teamed up with our Friends at the Botanic Gardens who delivered daffodil bulbs donated by Caulders Garden centres. We had a mention in their November 2020 newsletter.

A few weeks ago we approached by Friends of Glasgow Royal Infirmary to see if we could assist with the renovation of some planters near the entrance on Alexander Parade. Caulders garden centres were able to donate 200 daffodil bulbs for use after each of the planters repainted and a brightly coloured fence erected to enclose the area.’

The bulbs were planted in November at the Rainbow Garden at the Lister Building. The  hospital  entrance look lovely now – we couldn’t’ have done this without  with the enthusiasm and  assistance from John McParland and Scottish Power Energy Networks. Thank you.

There are many green areas around the GRI site so if  you wish to be involved in the care of our bees or any garden projects them please get in touch.