23rd June 2021 Update!

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The team presented their work at The Women’s Medical Federation Spring Meeting in May 2021 and presenter Laura Knox won the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson abstract prize. The medical wellbeing group are offering Project Period their support to help establish the longevity of the project. The team are looking for other trainees to join the team. You must be enthusiastic and have drive for continuing the project. If this is you, please contact the team on the email address below. 

If you want to learn more – there will be a presentation in October 2021 – we will post the link to join, nearer the time.

Project period in Glasgow Royal Infirmary came about because four trainee doctors realised that provision of period products seemed to be poor for both patients and staff. This followed on from experience with an unwell patient who was menstruating and was forced to use a maternity pad because there were no sanitary products available for her. The team did a small survey locally and then more widely across Greater Glasgow and Clyde healthboard. The results confirmed that provision was practically non existent. They went on to contact Yoppie, Lil-lets, Flo and TOTMorganic. These companies all generously donated sanitary products and lots of them! There are now boxes in GRI with these products for patients and for staff in two areas – the SATA unit and AMRU. These are re-stocked every two weeks. The downstream medical wards have also been given individual supplies. This is very much a work in progress. Future plans include launching the scheme into surgery and anaesthetics in GRI and then more widely across GGC. A second survey will be carried out to assess the impact this has had. The four trainees involved are Dr Izzy Bough, Dr Laura Knox, Dr Rosie McNee and Dr Pippa Thornton. 

We have highlighted their work during our #womensweek event and will continue to offer support wherever we can. The team can be contacted via this email address: projectperiodgri@gmail.com